Monday, February 15, 2010

Choosing a Stage Name

Ok, so, I've been going back and forth over the sense it would be to take on a new stage name since I already have a following as Moon. However, in my area alone, there are already three other women I know who have the stage name Moon, so the name isn't the most original if I have any hope of headlining shows in the near future.

As a speaker and writer, my government name has worked just fine because it is probably the most original that you can get, lol. Funny thing is is that my last name, Ali-Coleman is the whole name of a popular DJ in New York, Ali Coleman. He and I met on Facebook three years ago when he wrote me a note saying that when he gets google alerts on his name, my name always comes up. He said that he had been reading up on some of the work that I do in the community and was pleased that at least it was me that shared a similar name and not someone else. He is a great guy. When I say he is doing big things in New York, I kid you not. I am, as well, pleased that I share a name with someone so positive and upbeat. And someone into music, too, like me. That is what makes it doubly awesome.

So, my name as a writer, academic and speaker stays. But, I decided that my performance name as a singer will be Zakia Moon. I love my nickname Moon and want to keep it. My first and last names are just entirely too long for a CD cover, so, I'm taking my middle name Zakia (which means "intelligent") and coupling it with my nickname Moon and voila.

The Zakia Moon self-entitled EP should be dropping soon, fingers crossed. My honey is producing at least one of the tracks and getting him to release stuff to me is like pulling teeth. He is a perfectionist to utmost. Here is an unmastered example of something we've done together. He actually has more stage names than me, lol.

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