Thursday, July 8, 2010

Transforming Online Spaces to Art Places Panel @ the BlogHER conference in NYC

Last week had a conference call with the other women who will be on the panel I will be on in August in the BlogHer Conference in New York. The call was a planning call of sorts to make sure we are on the same page. The moderator is photographer Karen Walrond and she did a great job giving us heads up on what some of the questions will be so we can begin sort out our responses and preparing for the panel. Here is the description for the panel which borrows from Liberated Muse's Tagline "Transforming Spaces into Art Places":

Your online presence can be a crucial element as an artist. In this session, we’ll discuss blogging both for and as art. We'll share strategies to make your blog or MySpace/Facebook an extension of and place to showcase the heart behind your art. Join us as moderator and photographer Karen Walrond explores examples of artists, such as painter Carol Gillott and performer Khadijah Ali-Coleman, using social media to impact how they develop and share their art, secure gigs, sell products, reach their audiences and build their brands.

It's exciting for me because this will be the first conference panel where I'm on it as a performer instead of as a communications professional or educator. I will be talking about Liberated Muse, of course, but more about my re-emergence as a creative that has blossomed over the past two years thanks to online platforms like Youtube, Ning, Twitter and Facebook. All of the gigs I've gotten these past two years have been through the internet or b/c of the internet. I share with folks all of the time that I am able to give advice to other artists, create venues and put on events with the well-being of the artist in the forefront because of my own work as a performing artist and writer. I hope I will be able learn and share much in this upcoming conference.

Speaking of online platforms, check out my new Reverbnation page!

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