Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting Ready for NYC for BlogHer '10

So, I decided at the last minute that I was going to spend the night in NYC for the BlogHer conference this weekend. I'm presenting on Saturday for a 3pm panel session and had originally intended on showing up and then rolling out (of course after the session on how to perk up your blog). But, the BlogHer is a really big deal-- bigger than I had realized, and I want to stick around to meet folks, learn some new things and, of course, get some swag. It's going to be modified, of course, because my 6 year-old is traveling with me, but I'm in it to win it. The swag I speak of is not the term one uses when talking about getting some "cool". No. I'm talking about free stuff. Giveaways. Stuff that you would normally pay for.

I had missed my boat in getting sponsored for this trip (my play's recent run had me pre-occupied)so the travel is coming out of my pocket. So, the thought of free swag is exciting, particularly when I have been reading on twitter and the past blogs of participants in last year's conference. Some women attested to getting so much free stuff they had to give some away before they boarded their train b/c it wouldn't fit. Ahh.

In this depressed economy, for a creative like me who lives off their art, free is nice. I am currently taking on mini-projects and larger contracts to pay my bills as performance gigs nowadays that pay are few and far between. Here's hoping that I get some nice swag for me and my lovelies worth writing about:-) I know for a fact that I will have plenty to write about the bus ride to NYC w/ my little one. Bus rides always = blog worthy topics. I'll keep you posted.

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