Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Officially "Running: AMOK"

I am officially "Running: AMOK". I am sooo overwhelmed and so tired, and it's 1am in the morning and I have trouble logging off this computer and going to bed. Today was an incredibly busy day! I am producing the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest and my play at the same time and I realize that I was nuts to have decided to do both. As you can tell, if you catch up with my blog, my blogging has fallen a bit behind these past couple of months. Since my six year-old has been home for summer break, I run a summer camp of sorts for her and the daughter of one of the women in my play IN ADDITION to working for home and preparing for gigs here and there. One of the gigs was last Friday and it was so fun that I actually consider it a reprieve from my out-of-this world schedule. But, I am not complaining. I am living the life I asked for; and God knows that it is way better to be in demand than to be wondering when your ship is going to come in. Check out the photos of me with the gele (a swahili word for headwrap) at the banquet I performed at last week. They are on my Reverbnation page at I felt elegant while wearing it and may incorporate it into my stage wardrobe. I wore geles a lot when I had very short hair, but I like how they look on me even now as I have longer hair.

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