Monday, April 26, 2010

Rehearsals for Running:AMOK Have Been Awesome

So, my play "Running: AMOK" is becoming a living and breathing artistic creation. I had a rehearsal with the cast this past Saturday and the growth I've seen already in the character development is amazing. Lyn Artope, the actress who plays one of the supporting roles has totally shocked me moreso than anyone else because she is not a performer at all. While most of the actresses in the play are singers and/or actresses, Lyn is a human resources professional, mother of two and wife who tried out for the part on a whim. She is already off book and is amazing.

All of the actresses are awesome. I feel so lucky to have them as part of this cast. We took some photos after rehearsal so I can begin putting together our media kit. Here are some of the shots I may work with.

My daughter is excited about the play and looks forward to the ladies coming to our house to rehearse. One of the actresses usually brings her daughter who is around the same age as my little one, so they usually head off to get into mischief when we're rehearsing.The play, which is about three 21st women who are faced with the challenge of motherhood, is mirrored in the lives of me and the other women in the play who are mamas. I can't wait till we debut. I've been trying to connect with online spaces for mom to promote the play because I think this play's universal themes will resonate. You can check the play out at

Running: AMOK is debuting this summer in the 5th Anniversary of the Capital Fringe Fest.

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