Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Two-For-One Win-Win (#blogher '10 with the kid)

So, I'm still reading tweets from ladies preparing to arrive in NY this week for the BlogHer '10 conference and the excitement is contagious! I'm looking forward to participating on the panel on Saturday about blogging for/about your art and its always fun to meet new folks, but, I'm most excited about hanging with my 6 year-old in the Big Apple. Yup.You read right. I'm bringing the kid with me, and I have to admit, I think I will be one of a handful who will be bringing a kid who is not nursing or requiring of a stroller.

The thing with me is that I don't get to vacation as often as I like, so, whenever I perform or present in events, particularly in fun or out of state places, I bring the fam along. My spouse would be coming with us if we weren't leaving while he was at work. I realize that, for me, having my family along is not a hassle or headache because I had healthy number of opportunities throughout my 20's to travel alone or with girlfriends, so I don't have those moments where I need to experience a space on my own. Don't get me wrong-- I need breaks and enjoy "me time", but when I go a distance, or perform or present somewhere that's "kid friendly", I like to bring my fam, particularly my daughter along so she can experience something new. I can't afford now to take vacations as often as I like or explore new places, so, mixing business with pleasure with my daughter is something I always fit in when able. She can't wait either, she is always planning what outfits she's bringing and writing in her Hannah Montana To-Do List Sticker Book what she has planned for us:-)

What I'm trying to do while vacationing/conferencing with her, however, is save money.  We are going to be near Times Square, so I found these websites helpful in planning our trip:

Time Square with the Kids
New York Kids Events Calendar
New York City with Kids
Cheaper Ways to See NY with Kids

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