Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bound for 2nd Grade!

Entering the Public Zone
So, we registered our kid in public school yesterday and, of course, it was blog worthy. This will be the first time our daughter enters public school, so, I'm amped because the money saved from tuition will be great to have, but, I'm a bit nervous, because, of course, public schools get a bad rap. Our neighbor's daughter attends this school, however, and has said its not bad. But, of course, she is not as neurotic and particular as I am, so, this will have to be something we play by ear.

We decided to try public school because last year, I volunteered a lot at the school our kid attended, and the behind-the-scenes drama was over the top. My daughter's teacher was fired, and I learned the principal would be teaching both 2nd grade and 1st grade. I wasn't feeling that, so we decided to try public. My daughter was fine with it, because we learned that a lot of parents were taking their kids out of the school, too, so none of her friends would be returning.

Registering for public school was something else. Glad we both were there, the paperwork was book-long. One of the things that we have to wait for is to see if the principal allows my six year-old to start 2nd grade since, in public school, you have to have a birthday by Sept. 1 before entering 2nd grade. Cross you fingers and wish us luck!

So, as the summer comes to an end,and we get ready for school, I look back and realize that this summer has been, yet again, a whirlwind. My play took up a lot of my time, but keeping my daughter home and engaging her this summer was a blast. Our trip to New York was the highlight, of course, but the weekly swimming trips was such a great inexpensive way to spend time together and still have fun. I had tried to get her in a theatre summer camp with the DC Theatre Lab, but she was on a waiting list and never got in, so, her summer was spent in my make-shift summer camp. Right now, I'm trying to edge her back into being in school mode by having her work on workbooks and practice her writing. She's been watching a lot of tv (which is my fault-- its usually when I'm on the computer working on a project), so weaning off that is also I'm trying to instate. I want baby girl ready for school and continue her excellent progress as a student.  Stay tuned to see if she decides to play an instrument!

No Africa for Me this Fall, But, We'll See
My projects are picking up, as they typically due as fall approaches. I have one that I'm writing an invoice and description for right after I complete this blog. I will be facilitating writing workshops and working on a story-quilting project. I'm a bit sad because I was supposed to be in Africa in September. A woman who was a dear friend of mine when I was in graduate school-- she and I were both resident directors at colleges that were near each other--lives in Kenya and runs an educational organization that was in the process of developing an arts hub. She wanted me to come and help them get started-- facilitate workshops and trainings-- and I was so excited! Unfortunately, she deplores the job and gave them her notice that she is leaving. While I'm so happy she recognized she was not happy and plans to move on, I am a bit bummed that that means I won't be in Africa anytime soon. Facilitating theatre workshops in Africa would have been so cool!

DC Black Theatre Festival

But, I'm used to plans shifting. At least this summer has made me to expect the unexpected. I didn't update you, but I never made it to my workshop to facilitate at the DC Black Theatre Festival. It was more because no one from the festival ever got back to me to give me logistical info to prepare my things to bring. I was disappointed because I really wanted to participate. I read a review on the DC Theatre Scene website where a commenter left the same message-- they were trying to get info but there was none to be found. I wonder what is up with that. I know I was soooo thrilled and flattered when the festival's director Glen Alan acknowledged me, saying he was familiar with my work. But, I think that my involvement was something that was not articulated to his staff clearly, so no one got back to me. I wasn't on an email list or anything. I hope it was just an oversight and not how things were run, because I would like to produce my play for the festival next year.

Call for Actresses

Speaking of my play, I'm putting out a call for actresses. So, if you're reading this and you act (and sing), make sure you respond! Read the call for actresses HERE.

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