Monday, June 22, 2009

The Book is HERE

The book is finally available for purchase at

We had so many great things happen this past weekend. How fitting that our celebrations for the book kicked off on June 19-- known as Juneteenth! A book about freedom kicking off on Juneteenth. Deep.

Check out some of the photos and video from this past weekend. Special thanks to all of the artists who performed: Gary Young, Quineice Clarkson, Anonamas and Infinite Soul Music, Dee Stone and Teisha Marie.

Props to the writers from the book who performed their pieces: Farah Lawal, Margaux Delotte-Bennett and Maureen Mulima. You were smashing!

None of the weekend's festivities would have been possible without our volunteers who worked as servers during our gig at the Potter's House in DC: Susan, Le'Nia, Stephan and Lindsey! We appreciate you immensley!

Below is some footage, but more is to come:

Gary Young and Quineice Clarkson @ the Artomatic show

Our wonderful audience @ the Artomatic show

The fabulous Farah Lawal @ the Artomatic. Tickets for her one-woman show go on sale today. Visit her site at for details.

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