Monday, June 8, 2009

BAP Radio Interview with Ananda Leeke Aired June 7 & Available for a Listen

I particpated in really refreshing conversation with Ananda Leeke and guest Moya Bailey on Ananda's show BAP Living Radio found HERE on June 7. The topic was Black Women Online Community Builders and this show was one in a series on Black Women and Social Media. I was honored to be asked again to be interviewed on this show-- first appearing on the show last year around the same time.

Moya is creator of Quirky Black Girls, a wonderful safe space for those who don't so easily fit into a box and she also oversees an ezine and events that further expand the community borne from the site. Check out the site here:

Ananda Leeke is a dear friend and creative mentor and her show is a wonderful treat. BAP Living Radio is a monthly Internet program that airs on the first Sunday of each month from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (eastern standard time).

1 comment:

Ananda said...

thanks for being on the show once again. we had a great time.

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