Saturday, December 15, 2007

Articles for the Washington Informer, District Chronicles and the Afro

All articles and photos posted are by Khadijah Ali-Coleman. Locate original articles by Khadijah Ali-Coleman at:

Khadijah Ali-Coleman has written articles for Black media including the District Chronicles, the Washington Informer and The Afro-American. Below are some articles submitted and published freelance.

To contact Khadijah regarding freelance writing or photojournalist work, email her at

(photo by Khadijah Ali-Coleman)

Sisters4Sisters (April 2007)

Ben Dawson and MYST Studios (March 2007)
Church in the Nightclub (March 2006)

KEEN serving youth with special needs (March 2006)

Ashley Spears: Southeast Success Story (August 2006) edited by Khadijah Ali-Coleman/written by Maceo Thomas

Martin Luther King's Legacy (Jan 2006)
Healthy Eating for Kids (Jan 2006)
Young People Changing Their Lives (Dec 2005)

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