My Plays

I'm a playwright, penning two stage plays 
Here are some photos from my plays which I directed and produced:

Photos from Running: AMOK (July 2010)

Photo shoot for press photos (photo by Angela Shaw)

Me @ Teaser Show event promoting "Running: AMOK" at Annie's Art Gallery in Camp Springs, MD

Me and the Cast of Running: AMOK at the Annie's Art Gallery Teaser Show for the play

Members of the cast of Running: AMOK with members of the theater group The Saartjie Project (Photo by MYST Studios)

LeShell sings "I Wanna Be You"

Camille shares with her mother Benny that she has some news

Lyn implores her cousing Nina to make a decision that she is afraid to make

"Do You Think I'm Too Old to Be Sexual?" Mama Belle asks

LeShell sings "What I'll Do For You"

The cast ends a successful five show run in the 5th annual Capital Fringe Fest

Photos from Shades of Black (2008)

The final show was awesome. The cast and crew did a great job bringing it home.

Our casting party was after the last show. Everyone in the show had up to two people present who was there to support them. The cast circled up to give thanks and give testimony of what the highlights were for them throughout the preparation of the show. It was an almost tearful moment for everyone but the mood was lightened with fun pictures and good food.

Day Two of Shades of Black Has Even Larger Audience!

(actors in Shades of Black: a thought in progress- (l to r) Actress Tiffany Hathorn getting her make-up done by Brittainy Bell, actor Brendan Jackson in closing scene, actress Keairra Adams smiling for pre-show shot and actress Krystal Dynasty Brown as the main character "Moon")
Over 200 audience members packed the Morgan State University Student Center Theater to catch the second day showing of Shades of Black on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2008 at 7:30pm.


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