Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Second Annual Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest a Success

(Sharon Burton of GeminiVisions Art Studio hugging a doll made by her sister Sherry Ways-Burton)
(Sherry Ways-Burton and DC Councilmember Yvette Alexander)

(My business partner Maceo Thomas, writer Hadassah Ayodele and yours truly in the hot heat at the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest)

(Sharon Burton & Sherry Ways-Burton)

Head-Roc of GODISHEUS is was host and performer

(A couple getting their hand dancing on to tunes from E the R and B Rockstar)

(Writer Hadassah Ayodele)

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest that my business partner Maceo and I produce through our partnership Liberated Muse Productions. The turn-out was well and Mother Nature held in her rain urge until the very last act, noon:30, which did not get to perform due to the impromptu rain showers that came after an all day heat temp in the upper 90's. It was hot as Hades!!!!

The event's turn-out was impressive to me given the massive reconstruction that the park site is going through and the extreme heat that was happening yesterday. Maceo and I are determined to have the festival forever in the park-- Marvin Gaye Park-- though. The festival is a gesture toward community building through the arts. The area the festival is in could use cultural good will and we are happy to be a part of this.

I impressed myself by leaving my camera home. My good friend and fellow artist Shan'ta Monroe was commisioned to take photos, and I made a vow with myself to let her do that. Can't wait to see what her eye caught. The photos here in this blog are from Hadassah Ayodele and Sherry Burton, two members of my site and good friends. Sherry made a doll named "Khadijah" that she said was named after me. I bought it! I have a Khadijah doll! Will post a picture of it later.

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